List of Member Societies
Association for Blasting Technology and Pyrotechnics
Association for Pulp and Paper Industry
Association for usage renewable sources energy
Association of Audiovisual Engineers and Managers
Association of Intermediaries and Arbitrators in Intellectual Quality
Association of Water Management of Czech Republic
Bohemian and Moravian society court experts
Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers
Corporation of Experts in Sanitation, Fire Protection and Environment
Czech Aeronautical Society
Czech Agricultural Society
Czech and Moravian Society of Automatization r.a.
Czech and Slovak artillery community
Czech association for geoinformation
Czech Association for Print
Czech Association of Environmental Protection
Czech Association of Inventors and Innovators
Czech Association of Steel Constructions
Czech Biotechnological Society
Czech Botanical and Medicinal Society
Czech Chemical Society
Czech Committee for Electric Heating and Technology
Czech Committee for Scientific Management
Czech Electrotechnical Society
Czech Food Society
Czech Forest Society
Czech Foundry Society
Czech Institution of Structural and Civil Engineers
Czech Marketing Association
Czech Mechanical Engineering Society
Czech Metallurgical Society
Czech Metrological Society
Czech National Committee of IMEKO
Czech Nuclear Society
Czech Road Society
Czech Scientific and Technical Association of Telecommunications
Czech Scientific and Technical Society for Advancement of Information Techn
Czech Silicate Society
Czech Society for Energetics
Czech Society for Information
Czech Society for Material Management and Logistics
Czech Society for Medical Technology
Czech Society for New Materials and Technologies
Czech Society for Quality
Czech Society for Small Business
Czech Society for Technical Standardization
Czech Society of Applied Cybernetics and Informatics
Czech Society of Automobile Engineers
Czech Society of Chemical Engineering
Czech Society of Glass Technology
Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry
Czech Union of Surveyors and Cartographers
Czech Water Management Society
Czech-Moravian Society for the Textile, Clothing and Leather Industries
Mining Corporation
Mining Society of Moravia and Silesia
Moravian and Silesian Association of Scientific and Technical Societies and
Prague Scientific and Engineering Society
Scientific and Technical Society of SKODA Plzen
Scientific and Technical Society of Western Bohemia
Scientific and Technical Society of ŽĎAS
Society for Education and Youth of ČSVTS
Society for Environmental Technology
Society for Exploitation of Gas
Society for Regional Planning, Urbanism and Environment
Society of Transport
Women´s Club of ČSVTS

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